Tokyo Game Show 2021 Reveals the Event Schedule and Some of the Big Names in Gaming Participating this Year

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Reveals the Event Schedule and Some of the Big Names in Gaming Participating this Year

The Tokyo Game Show remains a constant in gaming year in and year out. This year features some of gaming’s biggest names coming to the stage, and when.

It’s 2021, do you know where your Tokyo Game Show is?

Every year gaming fans all over the globe are treated to many immense showcases, events, directs, and the list goes on. This year is no different, and the Tokyo Game Show 2021 is here to prove it with many big-name developers and publishers attending with the exciting bits of gaming fans can’t wait to be informed about.

With all of the excitement surrounding such huge events, the details surrounding them come out in a trickle-down fashion to build excitement over the latest in upcoming video games. Many multiple-day showcases such as Gamescom 2021 have kick-off shows, and in following the familiar blueprint to fans, TGS2021 is no different.

With huge gaming juggernauts such as Xbox, Capcom, Square Enix, Konami, and many more taking part in the event this is must-see coverage of the latest news. Seeing as how huge games have been showcased at the event before, such TGS2020’s coverage of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity‘s very first gameplay reveal really determines the importance of this huge event. This year also has some big rumors surrounding the Persona series due to its 25th anniversary, fans should be on the lookout for that as well.

With an exhibitor list loaded with prestigious names in gaming, the event will provide a platform for all types of gaming enthusiasts. The annual Japan Game Awards will also be held during the event where awards have been bestowed on numerous beloved titles, Animal Crossing: New Horizons cleaned up last year.

With this huge schedule, fans might need a roadmap or an itinerary to know when their favorite segments are up to bat. Luckily TGS2021 has us covered with this detailed walkthrough of the event.

The Tokyo Game Show 2021 will be taking place this year from September 30 to October 3.

All of the latest news can be found on their Facebook or the official TGS2021 website.

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