Ubisoft Anounces Far Cry 5

| May 16, 2017
Ubisoft Anounces Far Cry 5 1

Far Cry 5 has officially been announced by Ubisoft, the game is currently in development and is slated to release sometime prior to April 2018.

The announcement of the new entry into the Far Cry series came from the official Twitter page for the series.  A tweet was sent out that asked fans to subscribe to Ubisoft’s North American YouTube channel for more updates and information pertaining to Far Cry. Accompanying the tweet, an image with a basic logo for the future game was also included. Far Cry 5 will be the next major numbered entry into the series since the release of Far Cry Primal in early 2016, which was more of a spin-off of Far Cry 4.

The Far Cry series has been around since the inception of the first game all the way back in 2004. The series is known for placing players in tropical or otherwise foreign outdoor environments tasked with overcoming threats from both opposing human forces and animals alike. Currently, it is unknown where Far Cry 5 will take place, with previous entries in the series taking place in locations such as a fictional Africa and even the Himalayas.  Very little else is known about the future title, but it is likely that the game will hit major consoles and PC once it releases next year.

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