Far Cry Primal gets free Survivor Mode

| Mar 30, 2016
Far Cry Primal gets free Survivor Mode 5

Ubisoft announced it will be launching a free update for Far Cry Primal on April 12 that will make the game “a lot more ruthless”. It will be a free patch for the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The update introduces a brutal new way for players to experience Primal, Survivor Mode. An optional permadeath feature will also be included – meaning when you die, it’s game over.

Survivor Mode also makes surviving the primitive environments of Oros more challenging by removing the mini-map, adding a stamina gauge that depletes as your character exerts energy, and strengthening the ominous fog of war to reduce vision.

Primal’s main feature, taming beasts, will also see a difficulty hike in Survivor Mode. Taming the animals of Oros will be more complicated, and many will need to be fought to half-life before being tamed. Survivor Mode’s permadeath feature doesn’t just apply to the player, as any friendly pets who die will die for good. Plentiful animals throughout Oros like wolves and leopards can always be replaced, but legendary creatures such as the Bloodfang Sabretooth will be gone forever once lost.

Far Cry Primal Gets Free Survivor Mode 3

Players who choose to attempt Survivor Mode will get more than just bragging rights. Ubisoft teased that anyone able to complete the game’s most insane challenge will receive a special reward.

Ubisoft will stream an exclusive first look at Survivor Mode on April 7 just before the update goes live on April 12.

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