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Popular Open World Games You Need To Play Right Now 5

Popular Open World Games You Need to Play Right Now

 |  CGMagazine
Are you looking for your next great adventure? Do you want to travel to faraway places and see incredible sights? Do you want to meet people, and even sea creatures out of the ordinary? Well, unfortunately, you are still in quarantine and global travel bans are still in place. Sorry, but for our safety (and […]
Ubisoft Developing Far Cry Vr Game For Select Locations 1

Ubisoft Developing Far Cry VR Game for Select Locations

 |  Clement Goh
The Far Cry series is taking a jump into VR, as Ubisoft announced a partnership with Zero Latency to make a game for select locations around the world. In a release, Ubisoft revealed Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity which is puts players in a free-roamable VR space armed with an assault rifle. Up to […]
Ubisoft Forward Shows First Look For Hyper Scape, Far Cry 6 1

Ubisoft Forward Shows First Look for Hyper Scape, Far Cry 6

 |  Clement Goh
Ubisoft’s own E3-style showcase gave viewers details into upcoming games such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion and the first Far Cry 6 intro.
Far Cry 6 Leaks Ahead With Giancarlo Esposito As Game'S Villain 1

Far Cry 6 Leaks Ahead With Giancarlo Esposito as Game’s Villain

 |  Clement Goh
Ubisoft has confirmed they have been handling Giancarlo Esposito’s mystery game role as the main villain of Far Cry 6, following a leak ahead of Sunday’s Forward showcase. In a tweet, the studio responded with a brief reveal of Anton Castillo, played by Esposito in all of his motion-captured glory. The leak also confirmed the […]
Far Cry New Dawn (Ps4) Review 1

Far Cry New Dawn (PS4) Review

 |  Mike Cosimano
Far Cry New Dawn’s biggest problem is that it is a narrative sequel to Far Cry 5. It’s otherwise a better game in every way, thanks to a renewed focus on outpost conquest and less of everything that made the last game such a slog to play, but its predecessor’s canonical ending left the series […]
Rdr2 And Assassin'S Creed Data Prove That Gamers Are Finishing Less Games 3

RDR2 and Assassin’s Creed Data Prove that Gamers are Finishing Less Games

 |  Pedro D'Avila
As games get longer and more complex, it becomes harder and harder to find the time to complete them, and with so many upcoming releases, it becomes tempting to simply move on -And as recent data shows, that’s exactly what players are doing.
Thrustmaster Y-300Cpx Far Cry 5 Edition (Headset) Review 4

Thrustmaster Y-300CPX Far Cry 5 Edition (Headset) Review

 |  Alex Handziuk
The Thrustmaster Y300CPX’s is a solid introductory headset that is held back by a lack of comfort and average sound quality.
Cgmagazine April 2018: God Of War

CGMagazine Issue #33: God of War

 |  CGMagazine
This month, CGMagazine explores the creative journey the development team behind God of War embarked upon. Featuring interviews with Narrative Designer, Matt Sophos, Composer, Bear McCreary, and Design Director, Derek Daniels, we learn how Sony Santa Monica evolved the God of War franchise, bringing forth a new, refreshing installment to the series. CGM also talks about cults and chaos […]
Cults And Chaos: A Interview With The Far Cry 5 Creative Team

Cults and Chaos: A Interview With The Far Cry 5 Creative Team

 |  Lisa Mior
Far Cry has, in the past, been a series about chaos and mayhem in exotic lands—at least from a Western perspective. From the plains of Africa in Far Cry 2 to a remote tropical island in Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has built a formula for Far Cry based on these locations. However, for the fifth […]
Pixlels &Amp; Ink: Episode #288

Pixlels & Ink: Episode #288

 |  CGMagazine
This week, the Pixels & Ink Podcast team takes a look at some of the latest game releases and the hottest news out of the game and movie industry. 

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