Xbox Game Pass July 2022: What’s Coming To The Big Service

| June 25, 2022
Xbox Game Pass July 2022: What's Coming To The Big Service

Xbox Game Pass has more tricks up its sleeve to stay relevant during the hottest months of the season. Here is what is coming to Xbox Game Pass in July.

Just like the absolute fire Xbox Game Pass put out over the past couple of months, there have been numerous titles for subscribers to add to what feels like a never ending backlog. 2022 is already past its midpoint and the year is marching forward, so is Game Pass with a wealth of new titles for July.

As with every month like the previous April and May, Xbox Game Pass has some killer offerings for the upcoming month, and whether you enjoy adventure games or even tennis, Game Pass has a title for everyone this month. It goes without saying, Game Pass is known for not revealing their entire hand until the midpoint of each month, so this list may not include all the July arrivals. Here is what has been announced for Game Pass so far for July 2022.

Xbox Game Pass Arrivals for July 2022

Xbox Game Pass July 2022: What'S Coming To The Big Service
Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5July 1 – Console, PC
Last Call BBSJuly 5 – PC Only
Matchpoint: Tennis ChampionshipsJuly 7 – Console, (Day One Release)
Escape AcademyJuly 14 – Console, PC (Day One Release)
As Dusk FallsJuly 19 – Console, Cloud, PC (Day One Release)
ImmortalityJuly 26 – Console, PC

It’s noteworthy that after For Honor, and Assassin’s Creed Origins, another Ubisoft staple series in Far Cry 5 makes its debut on Game Pass in July. That’s of course not all that needs to be reported on regarding Game Pass news, as with all the exciting inclusions to the service comes the necessary removal of other titles to keep the platform fresh for the coming months.

Xbox Game Pass Exits On June 30th

Xbox Game Pass July 2022: What'S Coming To The Big Service
Jurassic World Evolution
  • FIFA 20
  • Jurassic World Evolution
  • Last Stop
  • MotoGP 20

Fans looking to get their last fix in the Jurassic World, or on FIFA will have until the end of the month to finish up with these titles as they will no longer be available after June concludes. It is also worth noting that after today, FIFA 22 will be available on the service, so it feels more like Game Pass is only losing three games rather than four. Although the year is already halfway over, Xbox Game Pass seems to have no expiry date as the service remains strong throughout the year.

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