Unity Support Coming to New 3DS

Unity Support Coming to New 3DS - 2015-04-13 17:04:09

Are you needing more incentive to upgrade to the New 3DS? More exclusives are on the way with Unity engine support coming to the handheld. So unless you don’t want to miss out on more indies. The time is now.

Announced at the Unite 2015 event that took place in Toyko, the New 3DS models join the Wii U finally in supporting Unity made games. Which means much more content coming to the eShop. Although this is good news for the gamer, it’s huge news for developers everywhere. Adding another platform gives developers worldwide another opportunity to grab a new audience to their respected franchises.

There’s a multitude of gems on the eShop already, but this support of the Unity engine will easily fill up their calendar year as people await Nintendo’s first party titles. This may even add web-based games to handheld thanks to improved browsing experience on the handheld. With the lack of third party support, porting games over that are being developed on their competitors hardware will be easier than ever. This will be the kickstart the newer units need to garner more attention.

The lack of support on the older 3DS models is because they lack the horsepower needed. There were talks of the support coming to handhelds back in 2014 but things went quiet after a trailer of Spongebob: HeroPants showcased it working on the double screen handheld that could.

Thanks to the new found power inside the Nintendo’s newest handheld series, it can handle the engine with a breeze. We will be spoiled with way more exclusives than the DSi ever promised.

Tim Morrell
Tim Morrell

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