Vampire The Masquerade Getting Battle Royale Mode

Vampire The Masquerade Getting Battle Royale Mode
Upcoming action adventure game Vampire The Masquerade is also getting a PvE battle royale title, pitting different bloodsucking factions against each other across Prague. It will also include both ranged and melee combat options, with players supercharged from their enhanced Vampire abilities.
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In its teaser trailer, vampires were shown facing off against each other with others teaming up in squads. Players could use their abilities to climb walls at fast speeds to evade enemies, jump across rooftops for higher vantage points and even make a landing on the streets for up-close-and-personal encounters. The trailer’s vampires were shown carrying blades on their backs, while they could use a variety of guns including dual SMGs, assault rifles and long-range types against players. Another vampire was seen phasing through a cloud of red smoke to take enemies down, suggesting players could harness a few “ultimate” abilities with a cooldown time. Interestingly, this battle royale iteration will be another rare one to take on an urban city setting following Ubisoft’s release of Hyper Scape, where players zipped across rooftops and alleyways for supremacy.

Further info by IGN found the unofficially unnamed battle royale game including a common enemy called the “Entity” who would hunt down everybody as they try to survive. He was briefly shown at the end of the teaser, carrying a large shield and cleaver to take a vampire down. The upcoming project will be developed by Sweden-based studio Sharkmob in their first ever game. But the battle royale is part of the IPs pipeline following the delay of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 for a 2021 release date. It’s unclear if the game will be an included mode with the Bloodlines sequel or a standalone title for “the later half of 2021” as well when it launches.

The main Bloodlines 2 project was hit with a series of layoffs as early as August 2020 with the departure of two creative leads (Brian Mitsoda and Ka’ai Cluney). Months later, the game would go on to lose senior narrative designer Cara Ellison from Hardsuit Labs. Bloodlines 2 and its related battle royale game are set for 2021.

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