Vive Lines up one Hell of a Horror Title

Vive Lines up one Hell of a Horror Title 1

Survive until dawn in this survival horror title that has people raving about its scares.

The Brookhaven Experiment pits players in a fight for survival after a horrible incident ripped a hole in reality, releasing a flood of nightmarish creatures into our world. Phosphor Games will be unveiling the full experience at GDC next week.

They promise that the game will be extremely difficult as players are hampered by real-world physics and as they juggle using a gun and flashlight together. Scavenge for extra bullets and batteries to stave off the hordes of monsters that want nothing more than to tear you to pieces.

“Exploring bright and beautiful VR worlds is fun, but with The Brookhaven Experiment, we’re taking dead aim into mankind’s most primal instinct — survival,” said Chip Sineni, Director of Phosphor Games. “Brookhaven’s level of presence is so permeating and real that every ounce of your body will believe you’re in this incredibly terrifying place we have created, experiencing real fear, without the need or use of cheap jump scares.”

If you’re looking to get an early look at the game, there’s a free demo on Steam right now. The full game will launch on April 26 for $19.99.

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