World Of Warcraft: Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Launches Today

| July 19, 2016
World Of Warcraft: Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Launches Today 1

We are just over a month away from the release of World of Warcraft‘s sixth expansion Legion, and that means it’s time for the pre-expansion patch to go live and enjoy all the goodies that come with it.

After the live server’s are brought back up from today’s maintenance, players will be able to experience some of the features associated with the expansion. The more prominent changes include:

  • An overhaul of the Transmogrification system
  • Revamped PvP and Honour System
  • Dungeon and Raid changes
  • Class changes

The feature players will not be able to play, for the moment at least, include all of the Legion content, PvP Talents, Burning Legion Invasions, and The Battle of the Broken Shore. These will be released over the coming weeks.

As with past expansions, the Legion pre-patch will feature an event centred around the story of the expansion. This event is known as the Burning Legion Invasion. All over Azeroth, massive Burning Legion ships will terrorise various sections of the map. Players can travel to these locations and fight off waves of enemies before taking down a mini-boss. They will be rewarded with level-appropriate gear upon completion of the event.

For a full list of patch notes, head on over to the official WoW website.

Legion launches on August 30. Stay tuned to CGM for an upcoming look at what you can expect in the expansion.

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