Wargaming’s Hybrid Wars Launches on Steam

| September 30, 2016

Ever since the release of their widely popular franchise World of Tanks, Wargaming has built quite the momentum within the gaming industry. Earlier this month, the developers sat down with Sega to introduce Valkyria Chronicles content into World of Tanks Blitz, their World of Tanks franchise mobile offering. Now, Wargaming has released a brand new game available on Steam: a real-time strategy game called Hybrid Wars.

According to the game’s official website, Hybrid Wars is a “classic top-down shooter” in which players “command and upgrade [their] own arsenal of futuristic mechs to take on wave after wave of enemy forces.” The game features over 50 different kinds of enemies, as well as co-op multiplayer. But most of all, the game has been praised for its simple and straightforward gameplay: stomp around as a mech and shoot everything that moves.

Wargaming is also featuring Hybrid Wars bundles for interested World of Tanks players. This includes a $36.99 bundle with 5,000 gold and a copy of Hybrid Wars Deluxe edition, and a $49.99 Futureproof bundle with the deluxe edition, a season pass, and 6,500 worth in gold. Which, all things considered, is not a bad deal: especially because Hybrid Wars has seen a fair amount of praise on its Steam store page for drawing inspiration from early ’90s and 2000s shooters. Suffice to say, it’s clear Wargaming wants to bring its World of Tanks fans into the mix by receiving gold for cheaper than they would on the Premium Shop.

Hybrid Wars officially went online Sept 29th. So if you’re interested in giving Wargaming’s brand new top-down strategy game a shot, it’s currently available for $17.99 USD on the Steam storefront, with the deluxe copy running $19.99 and the deluxe season pass bundle priced at $24.99. No word yet on DLC, but all things considered, the $7 increase is not that bad for a game clocking in under $20.

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