Xbox Series S Confirmed From Controller’s Box

| Aug 10, 2020
Microsoft: Xbox Controllers still use AA batteries because of “choice”, not Duracell

The Xbox Series X will be coming with a new line of controllers, but its packaging also includes a leak for an unannounced Series S console according to its compatibility list.

In a pictured tweet from a user, the anticipated next-gen controller was shown in its full glory while the user claims he bought it for $35 on digital retail service OfferUp.

But eagle-eyed viewers also scanned the box’s side details, which read the controller also works with Xbox Series S. According to Windows Central, the Series S is expected to be a cheaper version of the Series X that would release later. Its codename, Lockhart, was also previously leaked earlier in 2020. Of course, a cheaper hardware also means the Series S will come with a few compromises in order to give gamers a next-gen gateway after the Series X takes off.

The report also suggested the Series S would focus less on 4K resolution gaming and stick to a ubiquitous 1080p, 60 frames per second format that is still common in current generation systems.

For the Series X controller, further videos by user Zak S seemingly match up to its official product photos from Xbox. Like the Xbox One S to the original Xbox One, its packaging also unsurprisingly suggests the same strategy will come for affordable next-gen options. Other controller details included in the video showed off an on-screen calibration menu and a Robot White colour option among more choices on the way.

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