Microsoft Unveils Release Date and Price for Next-Gen Xbox Consoles

Microsoft Unveils Release Date and Price for Next-Gen Xbox Consoles 1

Microsoft recently announced the long rumoured existence of the Xbox Series S console (Lockhart) and now, both the Series X and S have their official retail price and release dates announced for their imminent North American release. 

Starting with the Xbox Series S, the just-announced all-digital, entry-level, next-gen console will cost $379.99 CAD. One of the bigger omissions within the Series S that helps keep the price down is the lack of a disc drive, meaning the Xbox Series S will be a better fit for those who are okay with an all-digital, or streamed future. In terms of specs, however, the Series S is still considerably more powerful than any current-gen console available on the market. A full breakdown of specs includes:

  • Resolutions up to 1440p at 120fps
  • DirectX Raytracing implementations
  • Variable Refresh Rates
  • Variable Rate Shading
  • Ultra-low latency
  • NVME-based 512GB HDD solution
  • 4k playback and upscaling for games

In essence, the Series S variant of the next generation Xbox seems to be a good middle ground between raw power and affordability, touting some impressive features that have thus far only been available on PC, making the $379.99 price point appealing. 

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For those who want it all, however, Mircrosoft also announced the release date for their flagship next generation console, the Xbox Series X. Priced at $599 CAD, the series X boasts the most impressive, overall specs of all the next-gen consoles announced thus far, including Sony’s yet to be priced, PlayStation 5 duo of systems.

The Xbox Series X will cost only $100 more than its US equivalent priced at $499 USD, making it a reasonable price difference for those in Canada wanting their hands on a Series X console. In terms of specs, Xbox Series X will feature a disc drive, meaning those with a large Xbox One and Xbox 360 library of physical games will be able to enjoy them on their new systems. Microsoft has proven to have a good track record, in terms of backwards compatibility, so players should expect enhancements for some legacy titles on the new Series X. 

The Xbox Series X will feature: 

  • 12 Teraflops with native 4k support at 60fps and 120fp.
  • 1TB NVME-based SSD
  • Variable Refresh Rates
  • DirectX Ray Tracing
  • Variable Rate Shading
  • 4k upscaling

Additionally, both the Xbox Series X and Series S will support Xbox Gamepass right out of the gate, meaning players will have access to dozens of games on day one with their subscriptions. Incidentally, Destiny 2’s latest Beyond Light expansion will launch the same day and is included within the gamepass subscription model, giving serious players an easy way to experience the best way to play the game on a console. 

Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will release November 10th 2020 at $599 CAD and $379.99 respectively. 

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