Xbox Survey Shows Families Play Together For The Holidays

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There’s nothing like heading to Grandma’s for the holidays, and the latest Xbox survey shows over half of families use gaming as a generational tradition.

Many family members travel over the holiday season in pursuit of spending quality time with loved ones, and this year a survey unleashed by Xbox revealed more often than not, families think a generational video game torch passing is a great idea. A graph provided by the Xbox website shows even 10% of in-laws agree, which can be seen below.

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Other notable details from the report include the belief that 54% of the Xbox survey takers use video games to cope with stress over the growing fad of incessantly scrolling social media. Although that number seems high when compared to other time-spending activities, it’s worth noting this is an Xbox survey, so more than likely, consumers who own the console, or the PC version of Xbox Game Pass, partook in the questionnaire.

It’s also surprising to find the Xbox survey generally saw gaming as a good tradition, with “56% of survey respondents agreed that the passing of video game enjoyment from older to younger generations is a great tradition and 71% of survey respondents agreed that the variety of video games available means that everyone in the family – from kids to grandparents – can play,” according to the report.

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There has been a lot of focus around family gaming recently, with the critically acclaimed It Takes Two winning the illustrious GOTY award in 2021 while requiring a second player for the game to function. We here at CGMagazine also have a family-centred column called ‘Parental No-Scope‘ that keeps up with relatable segments in the family gaming space.

The survey was commissioned by YouGov, and outlines their representation as follows according to Xbox, with larger markets getting slightly larger sample sizes:

A nationally representative survey of the age 13+ online population in each of 6 markets: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Germany, and Mexico. The survey focused on understanding consumer behaviors and perceptions around video gaming as it relates to other activities and traditions around the holidays. Final sample sizes were: n=1,404 in the United States, n=1,336 in the United Kingdom, n=1,254 in Australia, n=1,256 in Brazil, n=1,254 in Germany, and n=1,267 in Mexico.

Xbox website

All in all, the Xbox survey provides gaming can be considered a worthy option to embrace while embracing loved ones during the Holiday season.

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