It Takes Two (Nintendo Switch) Review

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It Takes Two
Developer: Hazelight Studios
Publisher: EA
Played On: Nintendo Switch
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
MSRP: 54.99
Release Date: 04/11/2022

I remember playing It Takes Two for the first time earlier in the year, thanks to its inclusion on Game Pass for PC. Aside from finally getting the high praise for the game, I recall mentioning to my co-op buddy how it was likely we would never see a game like It Takes Two on the Nintendo Switch. With its animated CGI-esque visuals along with its constant reliance on a split screen, It Takes Two seemed out of reach for the Switch. Obviously, I was wrong, and with the game now available on Nintendo’s hybrid console, I wanted to check It Takes Two’s portable outing to see just how well Hazelight Studio’s game holds up on the Switch.

If you’re unfamiliar with It takes Two, the EA-published and Hazelight Studio-produced title continues its efforts to provide players with couch co-op experiences (or online) in an era where most games forgo the antiquated and humble inclusion of the second player. Like A Way Out before it, It Takes Two, can only be played with two players, either right next to you or online.

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It Takes Two tackles the sensitive topic of divorce and falling out of love with your partner or spouse with the impetus of the game promising the potential of reconciliation. Thankfully and tactfully, the story handles its subject matter in a fun and primarily lighthearted romp in which players assume the role of husband and wife, Cody and May, after they inadvertently turn into dolls.

Players must control the two characters through its seven chapters of platforming, puzzle solving, and boss vanquishing while relying on each other to progress onward. Every chapter in It Takes Two features a new gimmick that imbues both players with unique abilities that often play off and complement each other, such as a nail gun and hammer. Densely littered levels feature plenty to interact with using said abilities, in addition to a healthy dose of optional activities, such as painting a photo on a giant canvas to a game of impromptu wack-a-mole.

It Takes Two on the Nintendo Switch runs great…”

Scale is something the game brilliantly plays with, from giant bedrooms to the hidden world of squirrels and insects. It Takes Two’s imaginative design rivals that of Toy Story. Miraculously, even on the Nintendo Switch, the game manages to impress, albeit at a cost.

In order to get It Takes Two to run at consistent 30FPS, some apparent and understandable concessions had to be made. This includes paired back foliage and density of objects in the overworld, to the lack of anti-aliasing and overall less complex geometry and texture quality when compared to its initial release.

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Thankfully, most of these visual changes don’t take way too much from the overall experience, with character models, in particular, resembling their higher-quality counterparts. More importantly, even with the cutback visuals and a frame limit of 30FPS, It Takes Two on the Nintendo Switch runs great, even when the action heats up with two players on the screen.

“In order to get It Takes Two to run at consistent 30FPS, some apparent and understandable concessions had to be made.”

Carried over from its previous release, It Takes Two on the Nintendo Switch includes allowing another player to join in for an online session without purchasing a second copy of the game. Although I was unable to play online, my time playing the game locally left me feeling confident in its implementation.

If you’ve never played Hazelight Studio’s smash hit prior and only have access to a Nintendo Switch, It Takes Two is another miracle port on the console and should not be skipped.

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