Xbox Might Be Bringing Call Of Duty to Your Nintendo Switch

xbox might be bringing call of duty to your nintendo switch 455009

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer discusses some curious ideas to bring the Call of Duty franchise to Nintendo’s Switch Console.

Phil Spencer, the CEO of XBOX, recently shared his thoughts on the potential implications of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, which should presumably result in Call of Duty titles being exclusively available on the popular handheld gaming device.

Fans of Call of Duty shouldn’t be alarmed by the revelation, as Spencer said, “Call of Duty, specifically, will be available on PlayStation.” In fact, he said he wanted to make the game even more accessible. “I’d love to play the game on the Switch, as well as on a variety of screens. Our goal is to approach CoD similarly to Minecraft, a game which is hosted by  PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, and mobile.

Xbox Might Be Bringing Call Of Duty To Your Nintendo Switch 960492

“This opportunity is really about mobile for us. When you think about 3 billion people playing video games, there’s only about 200 million households on consoles.” 

The inclusion of a Nintendo Switch would not be the worst thing to happen to the game; in fact, with the sale of Nintendo Switches now topping 100 million units, we can only hope that Call of Duty will reach a wider audience.

The wildly popular and well-regarded Nintendo systems are not the first to come to mind when you want to play a game like COD seeing as they lack the complexity of a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X. However, since the unassuming device seemed to be able to produce massive games like Monster Hunter Rise (2021) and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017), it certainly won’t be a downgrade. 

Although the long-awaited agreement with Activision and Microsoft has yet to be reached, fans hope that this legal struggle should drive both platforms to expand and enhance their gaming and streaming capacities.

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