Yakuza 8 Reveals Its First Trailer With New Title & Heroes

Yakuza 8 Reveals Its First Trailer With New Title & Heroes

The Ryo Ga Gotoku Studio summit today brought a new reveal trailer for Yakuza 8 and revealed its title as Like a Dragon 8, with a new look for mainstay series protagonist.

Not even a full day went by without a new Yakuza game series announcement, after the Sony State of Play September 2022 yesterday blew the door wide open with spin-off title Like a Dragon: Ishin! announced, and now fans are treated to a brand-new look — albeit extremely brief look — at Yakuza 8, which is now referred to as Like a Dragon 8 in a new trailer included in the RGG Summit 2022 stream on Sega’s Twitch. The trailer can be seen below.

YouTube video

There are a few things to note in the trailer, first, is mainstay series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu is making his grand return in Yakuza 8, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon protagonist Ichiban Kasuga is seen walking alongside him in a busy lighted up street. Kiryu’s look features a big overhaul though, as his trademark clean swept back style is replaced by a grayish-white flattened look, reminiscent of a Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki paradigm shift. Both characters appear older than their previous renders as well.

Yakuza 8 Reveals Its First Trailer With New Title &Amp; Heroes

Also revealed by the trailer is Like a Dragon 8 seems to continue with the series’ signature humour, as in the small reveal trailer Kasuga is heard saying “All right. it’s hero time… Kiryu-san!” which seems to signify the self-awareness included in former titles makes a return. The only thing missing from the trailer is any inkling that former Yakuza staples will be included in the new title, such as the constant invasions by Goro Majima which were heavily featured in MANY of the previous titles, including the Kasuga fronted Like a Dragon.

Yakuza 8, or Like a Dragon 8 as it is now called, is a long way off and is set to launch in 2024 sometime.

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