The YouTube Gaming App is Here for Canadians

| Mar 10, 2016
The YouTube Gaming App is Here for Canadians 1

Today, Google is making the YouTube Gaming mobile app available here in Canada for both iOS and Android.

Last August, both the UK and the USA got their hands on the app that brings some of YouTube’s biggest gaming stars right to your tablet and smart devices. The app released today will actually be an updated version of the current app. Added features and fixes from the community have helped to shape the platform for, hopefully, a better and more immersive experience.

Gamers watch hours and hours of gaming videos and live streams on YouTube every month; Canadians are no exception to this. With the app launched today, you can access all the videos and live streams you could ever want with over 25,000 pages to see. Check up on your favourite Canadian YouTubers, like Vanoss and The Bajan Canadian.

The new updates include better homepage navigation that has done away with the cumbersome sidebars. Game and channel browsing make it easier to find and manage your favourite games and subscriptions while discovering new content. There’s also a new-dedicated live tab on the homepage that pulls together the top streams and videos of your favourite channels. Android devices also get an updated live stream player that allows them to use quality switching, 60fps playback and a DVR mode.

Lastly, Android users can also “pop out” the player and have it run over top other applications, so you’re never miss your videos.

Check out your app store today to grab the app now.

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