Potential Zelda OLED Colourway Leaks Ahead Of May 12 Release

potential zelda oled colourway leaks ahead of may 12 release 267403

Nintendo LOVES special edition consoles, and it seems a Zelda OLED Nintendo Switch has been leaked months before the scheduled release date.

It’s safe to say The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is possibly the most anticipated title going into 2023, and ahead of its May launch date, a leak may have surfaced that spills the beans regarding a special edition Zelda OLED Nintendo Switch. Nintendo likes releasing limited edition Zelda consoles, so much so that even the hit Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty has made a joke at the expense of the staggering amount of ‘Zelda 3DS’ there has been.

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Considering the massive popularity and ‘Legendary’ status the series has gained, it’s an absolute no-brainer to release another special edition Nintendo Switch OLED colourway, but this time it has seemingly leaked early, and it is a Zelda OLED. The images of the rumoured leak were posted by a user named Kysen on Famiboards, and reposted on Resetera, they can be found here.

Like the handhelds before the OLED, the leaked images denote the console Joy-Cons in a metallic gold colourway, with guardian-looking corruption on the left and a lighter matching right. The dock is presented in a glossy white image similar to the Nintendo Switch Pokémon Scarlet and Violet OLED, and features an image reminiscent of the New Nintendo 3DS XL colourway, but changed in the stylings of the futuristic-looking guardians as well.

Potential Zelda Oled Colourway Leaks Ahead Of May 12 Release 245782

With the Nintendo Switch entering its seventh year on the market, and other limited console editions having already released for every single mainline Pokémon title and Splatoon 3 receiving an OLED colourway, it only makes sense for a Zelda OLED to have entered the equation. Considering nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo just yet, the leaks of the potential Tears of the Kingdom console should be taken with a grain of salt until anything formal surfaces.

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