CarePredict Introduces CareVoice at CES 2022 – Your Voice on Their Wrist

Fort Lauderdale, FLA. January 4, 2022 — CarePredict, the leading AI-Powered digital health
company for senior care, will introduce CareVoice, a new feature on its award-winning Tempo
wearable for seniors, at CES 2022. CareVoice provides peace of mind to families caring for
seniors living independently. Using CareVoice, families and caregivers can record and schedule
recurring or one-time reminders for medications or appointments and even schedule voice
messages from the grandchildren to play from the Tempo for that special occasion.

“CareVoice aims to improve the quality of life for thousands of seniors who wish to age
independently in the comfort of their home,” said Satish Movva, CEO & Founder, CarePredict.
“With CareVoice, it is like you are there with mom or dad, providing gentle reminders or
assisting them with day-to-day activities. And you know mom or dad will not miss your message
because it will be played automatically from the Tempo on their wrist.”

CareVoice can be a valuable tool for those suffering from memory loss or early dementia, as
timely reminders are often beneficial. It is especially helpful for caregivers who live far away
from their aging loved ones and allows everyone in the CareCircle to stay connected. Using the
CarePredict TouchPoint app, caregivers can record and schedule reminders and messages or
upload pre-recorded audio files to be played from the Tempo.

Tempo is the world’s first wearable that autonomously tracks subtle changes in a senior’s daily
activity and behavior patterns that precede changes in health. It also alerts families on concerning
trends such as missed meals, restless sleep, or increased sedentary behaviors. CareVoice is the
newest feature of the multifunctional Tempo wearable (a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree
in the wearables category.
) Tempo’s other compelling features include — two-way
communication that allows seniors to speak directly with family members for immediate
reassurance, intelligent fall detection, and an industry-first activity score.

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About CarePredict:
CarePredict’s mission is to help caregivers of seniors take timely action. Based on the science
that changes in daily activities and behavior patterns precede health declines, CarePredict’s
award-winning smart wearable, Tempo™, autonomously understands these patterns and alerts
professional and family caregivers on changes that warrant attention. Since 2013 we’ve
created solutions that offer peace of mind and improve the quality of life for seniors at home
and in senior living facilities.

CarePredict is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
For more information, visit