Falls – 3D Slide Puzzle splashes onto the Apple App Store & Google Play Store!

Let if flow, let it flow, let it flow – solve puzzles, craft items and fill ponds in Falls this Christmas

Toronto, December 23rd, 2021 – Ennface is proud to announce that their 3D slide puzzle game Falls is available on iOS and Android now! Family friendly by design, Falls combines colourful, diverse and relaxing levels with classic slide puzzles, and item crafting that’s perfect for curling up with at home or killing time on the go.

Explore & Solve
Jump into 250 beautifully rendered levels with their own distinctive art styles spread across 5 worlds with their own unique mechanics; including puzzle solving against the clock, or finding solutions within a limited number of moves.

Craft Items
Use items to help solve particularly fiendish puzzles, store them in your toolbox to use later, or craft new ones by clearing levels and using energy to grow and harvest plants in our new Harvest Mode.

Hydro Hero
Strategically slide blocks to create a path for flowing water to fill ponds for Falls’ resident mascot; Pinky.

Falls - 3D Slide Puzzle Splashes Onto The Apple App Store &Amp; Google Play Store!

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