Final 10 Gamers Qualify to Win 1 Million Dollars From Game App

DALLAS, Oct. 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Million: The Game, the first eSports game app developed by AIGC Games and available in the App Store & Android Play Store for free, has just announced the 10 gamers who qualify to play the Stage 4 live streaming event to win one million dollars. Included among the qualified competitors are four girls.

The names of final gamers:

  1. Angel from Republica Dominicana.
  2. Beata from Canada.
  3. Carlos from Mexico.
  4. Saleh from Malaysia.
  5. Kaity from Oregon, USA.
  6. Kaylee from Ohio, USA.
  7. Matthew from Texas, USA.
  8. Mercy from New Mexico, USA.
  9. Neal from Hawaii, USA.
  10. Alex from Texas, USA.

The game has three stages to complete, each with 30 levels. At each stage, there is a game update that unlocks the next stage and adds more playing levels. To win the prize, a player has to complete the 90 levels and score 9000, with the first ten people to finish qualifying for the final stage. This last event will then be live-streamed, with “big cash prizes” for three people.

“We are so thrilled to announce the final event participants. For gamers who missed their chance, we will release Stage 4 for everyone with a surprise,” AIGC Games CEO Mo Amous said.

Million: The Game’s concept is to add new excitement and challenges on the app store,” AIGC Games CEO Mo Amous said.

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In addition, AIGC Games is currently producing Million: The Movie, and game participants are invited to be featured in the movie. Learn more about the movie:

About AIGC Games Inc.

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*Due to restriction of Google Play store, the rewards will be offered to iOS iPhone players only, but Android users can submit and join appearing on Million (The Movie).