GameStop Italy Enhances Store Communications and Operations With Opterus

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Opterus, the leading provider of cost-effective, cloud store communications and task management solutions, today announced the successful implementation of its OPSCENTER solution at GameStop Italy, Inc. With Opterus, GameStop Italy has improved communications and task management processes between headquarters and store managers and front-line employees across 271 locations.

Having previously relied on home-grown solutions and manual processes, GameStop Italy sought a way to streamline store communications and task execution. After seeing GameStop U.S., Inc. successfully implement Opterus’ OPSCENTER across its 4,000 locations in 2018, GameStop Italy selected Opterus for its cost-effective solution to maximize store communications and make operations more efficient.

Since completing the implementation of OPSCENTER in Sept. 2019, GameStop Italy has been able to fuel productivity and accountability by optimizing task management and creating a direct line of communication between headquarters, stores and employees. With Opterus, GameStop Italy now has a one-stop portal for all retail operations, allowing all store locations to have a centralized dashboard for tasks, activities and updates.

“Working with Opterus has allowed GameStop Italy to increase visibility across all store locations,” said Karin Palazzo, operations communications supervisor, GameStop Italy. “With OPSCENTER, we can quickly access a store’s feedback and gather updates about daily activities, increasing our awareness of what’s happening in every single store. Two of the most useful functions of the OPSCENTER are surveys and dashboard. The survey module gives us the ability to create customizable surveys and forms that provide information back instantly as it’s completed, while dashboard module allows us to provide all store employees updates on information and operations. All-in-all, using OPSCENTER has made the task management process much more efficient and productive.”

GameStop Italy is currently using the dashboard, calendar, surveys, messages, task manager, documents and knowledge base modules in OPSCENTER. The retailer has plans to roll out additional modules including audits and tickets.

“GameStop Italy has done an excellent job at adapting to the evolving retail landscape,” said Gary Stonell, SVP of sales and operations, Opterus. “By using OPSCENTER to increase visibility throughout the organization and give store managers and employees easy access to information, GameStop Italy has been able to stay ahead of operational tasks and quickly find solutions as roadblocks appear, all while bettering the employee and shopper experience.”

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Opterus Inc. is a leading global provider of a cost-effective, easy-to-implement store information and execution management solution that increases productivity and improves retail enterprise communications. Opterus’ OPSCENTER software is an on-demand, web-based retail portal designed to communicate corporate policy and day-to-day objectives between corporate office and store locations. Deployed in over 45 countries in 30 different languages, the solution is specifically designed for retail operations, and provides store personnel with clear, concise and timely direction, along with the proper tools to best do their jobs to support corporate initiatives. Opterus is based in Toronto, Ontario. For additional information, visit