MAINGEAR Introduces the New F131 Gaming Desktop with Exclusive APEX Cooling

MAINGEAR PC announced today their new F131 gaming desktop.  Engineered over thousands of hours from the ground up with an exclusive in-house design, the new F131 sets a new standard for the enthusiast boutique-class PC.  Built for the elite gamer with a new custom MAINGEAR designed cooling system, this PC defines perfection. With a slim design and a small footprint, the F131 offers the very best hardware on the market paired with premium materials and the cooling of a full-sized desktop.

Top Performance

Built with the best components on the market, the F131 has all the options for even the most demanding gamers. Featuring the latest graphics cards from NVIDIA, as well as the full line of desktop processors from Intel and AMD, the F131 can crush anything you throw at it. The F131 also includes options for dual graphics card configurations and up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, plus a full range of ultra-fast NVMe SSDs. No matter your style of play, the F131 is ready for Esports, VR, or 4K gaming, and is designed to deliver the best gaming experience for years.


The APEX is a unique, self-contained, fully featured Integrated Cooling System. The revolutionary APEX was engineered by MAINGEAR in partnership with Bitspower in tandem with the F131 for a perfect match. The APEX combines failsafe dual pumps, pressure regulated parallel cooling, flow-rate and temperature sensing, and a high capacity reservoir. Paired with the APEX, the F131 also includes a radiator encapsulating the entire top portion of the PC providing the maximum cooling real estate for the size.  In addition, APEX and the new F131 are available with both soft tubing open loop cooling, and MAINGEAR’s Superstock Hardline open loop cooling with options for crystal clear acrylic or metal tubing.

MAINGEAR MARC II – Artfully Applied Custom Designs

MAINGEAR’s new MARC II custom paint process brings your own personal touch to the F131. The exclusive seven step paint process can apply full coverage artwork encased in a high gloss automotive paint finish. With the option to upload your own artwork or choose from MAINGEAR’s exclusive designs, you will have new found freedom to select a paint design to match perfectly with your home or game room.

In addition to MARC II, the new F131 is also available with MAINGEAR’s True Automotive Paint Finish.  With a new set of colors for 2018, including the new Spectrum Chameleon Finishes, and paired with MARC II, your computer becomes your canvas to design the PC of your dreams with unlimited possibilities.

F131 Features:

  • New exclusive in-house designed chassis
  • Premium materials with steel core and Japanese brushed aluminium exterior
  • Tinted tempered glass side panel
  • Slim mATX form factor
  • Full controllable RGB interior and logo lighting
  • Available with the latest Intel and AMD CPUs, up to the 18-core 7980XE
  • Available with up to 2x NVIDIA Titan V graphics cards
  • Up to 64GB of high speed DDR4 memory
  • Options for high speed NVMe SSDs
  • Exclusive APEX ICS – Integrate Cooling System
  • Up to a 420mm of radiator coverage
  • Options for closed loop or custom open loop liquid cooling
  • Options for MAINGEAR’s True Automotive Paint Finishes with new 2018 colors including new Spectrum Chameleon Finishes
  • Options for MAINGEAR new MARC II full coverage custom artwork.
  • Lifetime US-based support

The MAINGEAR F131 is available today starting at $1599.  For more information visit and

For media interested in seeing the F131 in person at CES please contact