No.1 Dating Simulation Game Company NTT Solmare Releases Moe! Ninja Girls, A Long-Awaited Title for Men!

NTT Solmare Corporation (hereafter referred to as NTT Solmare), a high-praised dating sim game company from Osaka, Japan, has released a new game, “Moe! Ninja Girls” for iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Facebook. In this social-based game, the hero, representing the player, is a man — a setting requested by many players.


*FREE to play
*Beautiful artwork, awestriking soundtracks and motion effects
*Multiple endings depending on the choices the player makes
*Hundreds of costumes for the ninja girls’ avatars in Japanese anime style with constant updates
*In-game events frequently held with exclusive prizes

“I’m very happy to finally be able to release a title which targets men. It excites me to see how players all over the world will enjoy this high-quality game.”
— Akira Tomana, President of NTT Solmare

Story Summary

The player, the hero, is a genius ninja that hides his true identity and transfers to Mizaki School. After a series of events, he ends up starting a “ninja seeking club” to find ninjas.
Most of the club members are attractive women, but all of them happen to have a secret identity, which the player will discover along with falling in love with them.