What if you did touch the artwork? Thomas Waterzooi’s award-winning Please, Touch the Artwork, comes to Steam and mobile on 26 January

“Curves are so emotional” – Piet Mondrian

Brussels, Belgium, 11 January 2022  — “Please do not touch the artwork”… but what if you did? In the zen narrative puzzle game Please, Touch the Artwork, the only way to move forward is to break the golden rule. One-man dev team Thomas Waterzooi (formerly of Larian Studios and IOI) aka Studio Waterzooi, brings the game to Steam, the Apple App Store and Google Play on 26 January,with a Nintendo Switch release later this year. Take a guided tour with the trailer: https://youtu.be/8TTBLfapg5M

Part zen puzzle, part narrative adventure, you’ll explore the secret world behind iconic abstract paintings through over 150 puzzles. An aesthetic journey to the origins of modern art, set to a soothing jazzy soundtrack. Wishlist the game now on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1097100/Please_Touch_The_Artwork and pre-order on the Apple App Store for a 20% discount: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/please-touch-the-artwork/id1447671288

  • Play procedurally-generated puzzles based on Mondrian paintings such as Compositions with Red Blue Yellow, Broadway Boogie Woogie, and New York City
  • Waltz through this collection of three different paintings — each with its own unique gameplay and puzzles
  • Solve more than 150 randomly generated puzzles with 2 – 3 hours of playtime and no time-pressure
  • Get to know the story behind abstract art pioneers
  • Accessible options including color-blind and larger text
  • Vibe to a jazzy soundtrack that provides ambience to your painting-prodding

Two art installations on the same theme from Studio Waterzooi are also on their way: Please, Touch the Artwork gives you carte blanche as the museum rope is cut and invites you to question cultural norms. Landscape Artist Without Landscape lets you create the landscape for a painter missing their vista.

Useful Links
Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1097100/Please_Touch_The_Artwork
Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/please-touch-the-artwork/id1447671288
Studio Waterzooi Website: http://studiowaterzooi.com/
Press kit: http://www.studiowaterzooi.com/press/sheet.php?p=please_touch_the_artwork
Studio Waterzooi Twitter: https://twitter.com/studiowaterzooi
Press contact: charlie@playertwopr.com
About Studio Waterzooi
Studio Waterzooi is the one man company behind Thomas Waterzooi. Thomas previously worked on Divinity Original Sin (Larian Studios) and Hitman (IO-Interactive ) as gameplay and AI developer before becoming a solo-indie-developer in 2018. He focuses on making accessible interactive stories and playful things inspired by art, culture, society and human interest. His games are not about skills or high-scores. They are about relaxing, reflecting, playful tinkering, and being sucked into the story and aesthetics.