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FF #5
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Regardless of whether or not Johnny Storm’s recent death in Fantastic Four was more for shock value than anything else, it’s clear that in the meantime Hickman has really kicked his story up a few notches, and made FF one of the most entertaining reads of 2011.

This current story is an excellent culmination of everything that’s occurred since Hickman’s first work on the FF in “Dark Reign: Fantastic Four”, and as Hickman continues to expand the concepts and fill-in the details, it only gets better.The Future Foundation as a concept/team is really working well in this book, and the Council of Doom is a work of genius.The script is tight and suspenseful, with great character interactions.Alex Power has never been as cool or as productive as he is here, and his interactions with Reed are well-written.

The artwork by Kitson is absolutely fantastic; his skills as an artist and storyteller continue to amaze.

The only quibble I had with this issue was the cliffhanger, but as long as Hickman fills in the big blanks that remain here, I’m open to what this could mean, and how it’ll affect and shape this storyline further.

Final Thoughts

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