Thunderbolts #159 Review

Thunderbolts #159 Review 3
Thunderbolts #159 Review 2
Thunderbolts #159

With Juggernaut now wielding a new Asgardian hammer, the Raft has been heavily damaged causing villains to escape en masse.The Thunderbolts take on damage control duty, as they try to restore order and apprehend the escaping prisoners.

To Jeff Parker’s credit, he takes what happened to Juggernaut and spins a great story of how the new Thunderbolts Beta team, the Underbolts, respond to the breakout and consider the possibility of escaping.This is a double-sized issue, with additional stories focusing on Ghost/John Walker, Moonstone and some prisoners, and Crossbones.

The most enjoyable stories are the lead story and the Crossbones back-up, as they are by far the best illustrated/written.Unfortunately, the additional back-ups aren’t anything special, with art that is substantial, and with scripts that feel rushed.

For the price of $4.99 , you’re getting an inconsistent book which starts strong, falters with two average-at-best stories in the middle, and then closes out with the solid Crossbones-centric story.

Final Thoughts

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