Logitech G915 Keyboard Review

Logitech G915 Keyboard Review 3
Logitech G915 Keyboard Review 2
Logitech G915 Keyboard
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Mechanical keyboards have long been the gold standard for PC gaming. They feel more responsive, have a satisfying click, and altogether feel better to type on.

While there have been many low-profile mechanical keyboards in the past, few have felt truly “game ready”, at least until now with the new Logitech G915 Keyboard. This wireless low profile keyboard offers everything you could hope for from a modern peripheral, and save for the price, is pretty close to perfection.

The Logitech G915 is a sleek, stylish little device. It takes cues from Logitech’s past and builds on it, making a keyboard that feels and looks fantastic. While it does not come with an armrest, Logitech seems to have thrown everything at it to ensure the best possible choice for gamers or anyone that demands performance from their keyboards. From ridiculously good battery life, low-profile keycaps, a full media bar, and two kinds of wireless connectivity, the G915 has it all.

Logitech G915 Keyboard Review 2
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It can’t be overstated just how low profile the G915 is. Logitech outlined the thickness as about that of a dime, and they were not kidding. It is hard to imagine such a thin device offering a full mechanical experience, but somehow it does. The G915 feels light, yet solid, and is a stylish addition to any desk.

The keyboard its self is a simple, clean brushed metal styled device that makes it come off as the top-end device that it is. The G915 feels solid in the hands while still maintaining that unique feel that few keyboards achieve. Each key-stroke feels satisfying, even at their low profile. The rows of macro-buttons on the far left can be customized for your needs, with a toggle to switch between standard, and game mode, where some buttons are disabled to ensure they do not interfere while playing. There is also the typical Logitech media section of the keyboard, complete with media controls, and a volume rocker.

As mentioned, the G915 does not come with a wrist rest, and while for most keyboards, this would not be a problem, there are plenty of third-party options on the market. Sadly, the G915 does not have this luxury, and most options out there simply are too big for the thin keyboard the G915 is. For the $250 price tag, it would have been nice to include this, especially for people that want to ensure they avoid wrist problems.

Logitech G915 Keyboard Review 3
Logitech G915 Keyboard – Review Image by CGMagazine

The G915 uses a new style of switch known as the GL Linear, GL Tactile and GL Click. These new low profile switches are built to give the same travel as Logitech’s Romer-G but are thinner, and more stylish in the process. Each key has a 2.7mm worth of travel, with an actuation distance of 1.5mm. It will be up to personal preference on what switch best suites your needs, but thankfully Logitech has given the option, so buyers can pick the style they are most comfortable with.

While they do have a similar feel to standard key-switches, the low profile design does take a bit getting used to. It took me a few days to get my typing speed back to where it was with a standard keyboard. I found myself accidentally hitting the wrong keys a bit more often than I did normally, although this did subside for the most part after about a week of use, enough so I rarely have an issue, and actually prefer typing on the G915 if I have the option.

This being a Logitech product, all the keyboards features can be accessed from the Logitech G Hub. This software package allows for all the major customization from colours, to the way the macro buttons work. From setting up macros for individual games to the general way the keyboard works, the software makes most adjustments easy, and painless.

It should be noted, that while there are plenty of customizations on hand — five macros with 3 different profiles — you can not program every key individually unlike some competing brands. While not a deal-breaker for most, it is good to note the limitations, especially on a $250 premium keyboard. There are also options to choose what keys are disabled while in game mode, so the G915 will fit most people’s needs 99% of the time.

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Logitech G915 Keyboard – Review Image by CGMagazine

One interesting feature of the G915 is the many supported methods of connection. From Bluetooth to the included wireless dongle, to simply being plugged in, the G915 is built to suit the needs of modern gamers and players who demand the most from their devices. It is also possible to have the G915 connected to both a computer and a smartphone at the same time, with just a button tap needed to alternate between them.

To power this wireless feature, the G915 has a built-in battery that boasts some impressive stats. It lasts for 12 days at 8 hours a day with lighting on, and 135 days with lighting off, which makes it far more impressive than keyboards of the past. While I have not managed to pass the 135 days worth of testing, the 12 days estimate is accurate. After 2-3 days of use, the charge only dropped 8-10 percent, and with charging as easy as plugging in a USB cable, I never had an issue with battery life.

While the low-profile design does take some getting used too, it works well in most games we tested. From Overwatch to Starcraft, the macros activate as intended, and the keys feel responsive in the way I would expect in such a premium piece of hardware. I found shooters like Quake a bit more difficult to control, but that is only due to fighting years of muscle memory to perform the actions I am so used to. As long as you can retrain your brain, the G915 is a brilliant keyboard for gaming of all genres.

Logitech G915 Keyboard Review 6
Logitech G915 Keyboard – Review Image by CGMagazine

While not cheap, the Logitech G915 is a beautifully crafted peripheral that should make most buyers very happy. While on the more expensive end for keyboards, it offers a host of features and design choices that will make up for that pricetag. Even though I would have loved to see a wrist guard in the box, the overall design and quality of the G915 make it a great recommendation for anyone looking for a low-profile mechanical keyboard, or if you’re just someone looking to buy the best that Logitech has to offer.

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