Logitech MX Sound Speakers Review

Logitech MX Sound Speakers Review 3
Logitech MX Sound Speakers Review
Logitech MX Sound Speakers

Gaming headsets have become the essential all-in-one sound system for many players. While these are a great product for delivering an isolated and immersive experience, they leave little room for socialization among a group of friends. Nothing hurts more when you’re hosting a small event and that crisp, clear audio you’re used to from your headset suddenly becomes drowned out and crunchy when you switch to the objectively garbage built-in speakers of your monitor. For a cheap and efficient solution to this pertinent first-world problem, Logitech has developed the MX Sound 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers.

Logitech Mx Sound Speakers Review 3
Logitech MX Sound Speakers (credit: CGM Staff)

Retailing for $100 USD, the Logitech MX Sound Speakers package in two quality-built plastic drivers, a 3.5mm audio cable, a connector cable, and the ever important power brick. Aimed at audiophiles as the core target market, Logitech has prioritized using premium materials and fabric to deliver the best possible sound in an unobtrusive and minimalistic package. Being just over 6” tall and wide, the Logitech MX Sound drivers’ ideal placement is on each side of the user’s monitor or desk. Each speaker is clearly labeled right and left respectively and the driverless nature of the hardware means setup is hassle free.

Spec wise, the drivers of the Logitech MX Sound Speakers run comfortably at an RMS value of 12W and short bursts with a peak value of 24W. To deliver a full bass experience while maintaining balanced audio to the user the drivers are built with uniquely designed port tubes to extend the range and the front of the devices are covered in premium fabric to protect the sensitive internal components. A smart design choice by Logitech is their decision to tilt the speakers 10 degrees up so they are aimed at the users ears instead of at their chest. While the Logitech MX Sound Speakers will find their primary home on the workstation desks of its users, the system also takes advantage of Bluetooth  2.0 technology to seamlessly switch between up to three devices, similar to the previously reviewed Logitech Craft keyboard.

Logitech Mx Sound Speakers Review 2
Logitech MX Sound Speakers (credit: CGM Staff)

A key feature advertised about the Logitech MX Sound Speaker system are its motion activated volume controls. While the feature works well, I wish there could have been more implementation because I feel there’s some wasted potential here. Instead of just adjusting the volume overall I would have loved to see some service pairing with Spotify or any music streaming services, allowing the user to change the track they’re listening to with a tap or even the playlist they were listening to if they held their finger on the forward button.

Using Destiny 2, Stranger Things 2 and various genres of music as my test suite, the Logitech MX Sound Speakers performed admirably for the price. While I wouldn’t blast music at full volume using this system because the full bass drowns out songs with a higher pitch, I enjoyed their powerful feel in cinematic titles and shows when the media would reach a tense action sequence.

Logitech Mx Sound Speakers Review
Logitech MX Sound Speakers (credit: CGM Staff)

The result of the testing left me in a conflicted state. While the speakers work well for shows and games, the core target market of audiophiles has definitely gotten the short end of the stick. I wouldn’t recommend the Logitech MX Sound Speakers to this set of consumers as a primary candidate for their hard-earned money, but they certainly serve as a great budget replacement when in a pinch. Overall, the Logitech MX Sound Speakers accomplishes the goal of being an affordable set of quality speakers, but lacks the power to stand out as a clear winner from the diverse competition.

A retail version of this device reviewed was provided by the manufacturer. You can find additional information about CGMagazine’s ethics and review policies and procedures here.

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