June Comic Bento Mixtape Vol.2: Mixtape Harder Rundown

June Comic Bento Mixtape Vol.2: Mixtape Harder Rundown 1

The latest Comic Bento Box has arrived for the month of June, bringing with it some recognisable issues from publishers Zenescope, Valiant, Archie Comics and Dark Horse. The theme for this box is Mixtape Vol.2: Mixtape Harder, a sequel of sorts from one of Comic Bento’s most popular themes. The Mixtape theme box is all about Anthologies, and with the 4 comics provided, readers get over 50 stories from more than 100 writers and artists.

Before we go any further, if you’re interested in a Comic Bento box, head over to comicbento.com and use the promo code CGMAG to receive a five dollar discount on your first box! Now let’s dig in.

Starting at the top of the pile, readers will be excited to crack open Road to Riverdale. Obviously inspired by The CW’s insanely popular show, which also gives the familiar Archie series a fresh coat of paint. This collection features Archie #1, Jughead #1, Betty and Veronica #1, Josie and the Pussycats #1, and Reggie and Me #1.

June Comic Bento Mixtape Vol.2: Mixtape Harder Rundown 1

Next up is Grimm Tales of Terror published by Zenescope. This is graphic novel packs 12 writers and artists into is pages of retold creepy literature. From classics to modern legends, Grimm Tales of Terror TP will keep readers spooked any time they hear something go bump in the night.

Number three in the pile is Valiant Zeroes & Origins. Featuring over 24 artists and writers, this bundle is a celebration of 25 years of Valiant, which happens to be the largest independent superheroes universe in comics today.  Valiant Zeroes & Origins works as the readers go to guide for their favourite characters in the Valiant Universe.

We also get Hellboy Weird Tales. This hardcover features over 57 artists and writers to tell stories of giant bats, space ships, demon children, and anything else you can think of to bring readers some pulp-style action featuring one of the most iconic characters in the comic industry.  This one is a little thick but well worth the read.

June Comic Bento Mixtape Vol.2: Mixtape Harder Rundown 2

Finally, tucked away on the bottom of the box, underneath the physical pile and the piece of cardboard they’re placed on is an issue of image’s Saga. While this isn’t an anthology, this single issue features a man with goat horns, a unicorn woman and a woman with bug wings, so it’s probably worth your time as well.

That’s the entire haul for the month of June. It’s a pretty thick stack and will keep most readers looking for longer storylines happy. So what are you waiting for?

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