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Pixels & Ink: Episode 287

Pixels & Ink: Episode 287

This week, the Pixels & Ink Podcast team takes a look at some of the latest game releases and the hottest news out of the game

Darkest Dungeon (PC) Review 6

Darkest Dungeon (PC) Review

I hate Darkest Dungeon. With every fibre of my being, I hate it. Not because it’s a bad game; it is, in fact, one of

Can Two-Dimensional Games Make a Comeback? - 2015-02-17 00:37:59

Can Two-Dimensional Games Make a Comeback?

There’s something about hand-drawn animation that will always manage to impress. Even as computer generated visual styles become more refined in both film and videogames

Early Access: Darkest Dungeon - 2015-02-10 13:50:05

Early Access: Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon makes a strong first impression. From the moment it begins, the player is presented with a world rendered murky and foreboding through a

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