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Jason Bourne (Movie) Review

Jason Bourne (Movie) Review

Yep, Jason Bourne is back. It only took nine years and one spin-off film so forgettable that you probably can’t even recall its title. When

The Martian (Movie) Review 2

The Martian (Movie) Review

The Martian might be the first major studio release of October, but it feels more like the last summer blockbuster of 2015. This is rip-roaring,

Interstellar (Movie) Review 5

Interstellar (Movie) Review

Interstellar is the type of movie that only a director like Christopher Nolan could make at the peak of his success. It’s the type of

The Zero Theorem (Movie) Review 2

The Zero Theorem (Movie) Review

Terry Gilliam is quite possibly the most underrated filmmaker of his generation. After providing the animation and visual aesthetic for the Monty Python comedy troupe

Elysium (Movie) Review 1

Elysium (Movie) Review

Elysium might not be the smoothest piece of blockbuster storytelling to hit screens this summer, but at least it’s made by a filmmaker who wants

The Adjustment Bureau (Movie) Review 1

The Adjustment Bureau (Movie) Review

Like all Hollywood adaptations of the writings of Philip K. Dick, The Adjustment Bureau takes one of the influential author’s sci-fi thought experiments and transforms

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