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Physical Outlast Bundle on the Way

Physical Outlast Bundle on the Way

One of the most frightening game series’ in recent memory is getting a physical retail bundle, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (publishers of Middle-Earth: Shadow

Loud Bass ≠ Good Audio - 2014-07-03 11:43:28

Loud Bass ≠ Good Audio

Over the last couple of weeks, CGM has been going through something of a mad dash in reviewing headsets, something obvious to anyone that checks

Outlast (PS4) Review 4

Outlast (PS4) Review

On the surface, Outlast seemed like just another hackneyed attempt at terrifying players: “paranormal” activity, a camcorder acting as your only weapon against the inevitable

Outlast E3 2013 Preview - 2013-07-02 16:50:55

Outlast E3 2013 Preview

Red Barrels, the developers of Outlast, have some pretty impressive credentials in their founding members, with Ubisoft refugees that have worked on everything from Assassin’s

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