Outlast 2 Recieves Difficulty Relief Patch

Outlast 2 Recieves Difficulty Relief Patch 1

To rectify the almost sadistic level of difficulty of Outlast 2, developer Red Barrels have released a patch that has toned down the difficulty in key areas of the game.

The patch is already available on PC and is slated to come out soon for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.  The crazy thrill ride that is Outlast 2 may have proved to be a little too much for some players. Red Barrels have issued a statement saying that they have noticed some players struggled a little more than intended, this became apparent to the development team, after watching numerous streams, reviews and other forms of coverage of the game since launch, prompting this patch.

Outlast 2 recently launched on both PC and consoles, with CGMagazine giving it a score of 7 out of 10. Red Barrels, the studio behind Outlast 2 has stated that the game has done tremendously well for the developers, with the sales recouping the costs of development within only the first couple of weeks since launch.

Both the original Outlast, which was released in 2013 on PC and the following year on consoles, was touted by the press and fans alike for being one of the scariest games ever made; the sequel, Outlast 2 proved to be even more unsettling and terrifying, pitting the player against hordes of crazies in the outback boonies of Arizona.

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