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Mafia Trilogy Review

Mafia Trilogy Review

 |  Lane Martin
The three games of the Mafia Trilogy have been extended, remastered, and remade into one bundle for the price of a regular game, but one of these things feels extremely lacking when played next to the other two.
Dune Remake Revealed In First Trailer 2

Dune Remake Revealed in First Trailer

 |  Clement Goh
Denis Villeneuve’s Dune remake has dropped a first trailer, giving the first 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction epic novel another fresh makeover. It’s also Villeneuve’s next major film following the success of 2017’s Blade Runner 2049, another soft remake of an 80s classic which was critically acclaimed and featured a prominent cast. This […]
Destroy All Humans! (Remake) Review 31

Destroy All Humans! (Remake) Review

 |  Clement Goh
Destroy All Humans! keeps the best parts of its 2005 game in mind while rebooting the series with a short, but engaging story and addictive alien destruction.
Lady And The Tramp (1955) Review

Lady and the Tramp (1955) Review

 |  Chris Carter
For some, Lady and the Tramp is not as “classic” a film as a lot of the other iconic franchises Disney has already made a billion at the box office with. A story of two dogs unexpectedly discovering romance in a quaint city was never going to soar to Avengers-like monetary heights compared to the […]
Teaser Trailer And Poster For Mulan Released 1

Teaser Trailer And Poster For Mulan Released

 |  Liam Ferguson
The live-action remake of the 1998 Disney classic Mulan now has a teaser trailer and poster available, alongside a date.
Black Christmas Joins Horror Remake Trend, Blumhouse Producing 3

Black Christmas Joins Horror Remake Trend, Blumhouse Producing

 |  Liam Ferguson
Blumhouse Productions has announced their plans to remake the classic Canadian horror flick Black Christmas.
Secret Of Mana (2018) Review

Secret of Mana (2018) Review

 |  Derek Heemsbergen
Among the myriad games released in the last 30 years, only a comparatively select few have attained the sort of legendary prestige that keeps them a part of the conversation long after their time in the sun has passed. Secret of Mana is one such seminal classic; a fiercely druidic hack-and-slash RPG with a nigh-unparalleled […]
The Secret Of Mana Remake Might Come To The Nintendo Switch

The Secret of Mana Remake Might Come to the Nintendo Switch

 |  Pedro D'Avila
The Secret of Mana Remake is being released for PS4, PSVita, and the PC, but latest reports seem to point to the possibility of this remake coming to Nintendo’s latest platform.
Night Trap To Receive A 25Th Anniversary Edition

Night Trap to Receive a 25th Anniversary Edition

 |  Tyler Jones
Do not worry, this is not a scam or rumor; this is actually happening!
A Demon'S Souls Remaster Is Possible 1

A Demon’s Souls Remaster Is Possible

 |  Cole Watson
A Demon’s Souls remaster is completely possible, but the games original developer, FromSoftware, will not be a part of it’s development.

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