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Secret of Mana (2018) Review

Secret of Mana (2018) Review

Among the myriad games released in the last 30 years, only a comparatively select few have attained the sort of legendary prestige that keeps them

A Demon's Souls Remaster Is Possible 1

A Demon’s Souls Remaster Is Possible

A Demon’s Souls remaster is completely possible, but the games original developer, FromSoftware, will not be a part of it’s development.

Shadow of the Beast (PS4) Review 8

Shadow of the Beast (PS4) Review

Shadow of the Beast, developed by Heavy Spectrum Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4, is a remake of the classic Commodore Amiga game from 1989. Updated

Resident Evil 2, the Ultimate REmake

Resident Evil 2, the Ultimate REmake

With the recent re-releases of old Resident Evil games, Capcom has been whetting fans’ palates for their upcoming reconstruction of the fan-favourite Resident Evil 2.

Robocop-2014 (Movie) Review 1

Robocop-2014 (Movie) Review

The Robocop remake is not as bad as everyone feared it would be, but that’s also not quite the same thing as the movie being

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