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5 Roguelikes To Play After Hades 2

5 Great Roguelikes to Play after Hades

 |  Eduard Gafton
If you love Hades as much as we do, you’ve already probably run through Hell and back again enough times to have seen most of what the game has to offer.
Hades Review 3

Hades Review

 |  Brock McLaughlin
I’ve never had the chance to review a perfect game, nor did I ever think I would, but Hades is that game. SuperGiant Games prove once again that no one is creating games as unique and fun as they are.
Pyre (Ps4) Review 1

Pyre (PlayStation 4) Review: Solitary Confinement

 |  Kenneth Shepard
In all my years I’ve never played anything quite like Pyre. One part visual novel, one part RPG, and a third part sports game, Supergiant’s latest game manages to combine several disparate elements into something that blends genres in a way entirely its own. A visual novel that contains action RPG elements, and could even […]
Pyre Preview

Pyre Preview: Soul Cleansing, Genre-Blending Combat

 |  Kenneth Shepard
The first time I played Supergiant Games’ Pyre was earlier this year at E3. I was walked through the early stages of the game’s story mode, which follows a group of four wanderers who engage in sports-like battles called Rites in an effort to cleanse their souls and return home from purgatory. While all of […]
Supergiant Games Shows Off New Ip At Pax East

Supergiant Games Shows Off New IP at PAX East

 |  William Dixon
Supergiant Games has just announced its next title, Pyre, a party-based RPG. Pyre features a band of exiles caught up in an ancient competition in a mystical purgatory. The game is showing off the studios usual talent of creating rich colourful worlds, brimming with imagination and creativity. Supergiant promises that the game will have players […]
Bastion (Ps4) Review 5

Bastion (PS4) Review

 |  Wayne Santos
The Kid Is Back Sony keeps playing catch up with some of the big indie hits Microsoft snapped away from them in the last generation. After scoring a coup with Supergiant Game’s Transistor as a console exclusive last year, Sony now belatedly releases Bastion, the 2011 award-winning action-RPG that showed off Supergiant Game’s love of […]
Transistor Resists The Easy Path Of Sequels - 2014-05-30 15:12:01

Transistor Resists the Easy Path of Sequels

 |  Reid McCarter
After 2011’s Bastion, developer Supergiant Games could have rested on its laurels. Bastion was a great debut, establishing an imaginative and talented new presence. It would have been easy—maybe even advisable—for a small studio to capitalize on the critical and popular success of its first game by getting straight to work on a direct sequel. […]
Transistor (Ps4) Review 3

Transistor (PS4) Review

 |  Reid McCarter
 Transistor isn’t interested in definitions. It isn’t especially concerned with explaining itself or offering an easy way into its complex world, either. From the mysteries of its strange science fiction world down to the details of its multifaceted gameplay systems, Transistor is a game confident in its player’s willingness to learn for themselves—to be curious […]
Bastion Developers Announce New Project - 2013-03-19 21:03:02

Bastion developers announce new project

 |  Ustad Khaira
Supergiant Games, the developers behind 2011’s indie darling Bastion, have announced their new game, titled Transistor.

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