Life Is Strange 2, Episode 5: “Wolves” Review

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Life Is Strange 2, Episode Five: “Wolves” Review

Life is Strange 2, Episode 5: “Wolves” Review

More than most games of its style, Life is Strange 2 does a stellar job of bringing meaning to every choice that brings you to its closing moments.
Sayonara Wild Hearts (Switch) Review 6

Sayonara Wild Hearts (Switch) Review

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a music visualizer made into a video game, but I never quite felt like I was part of that seamless visual representation of sound and style in the way I wanted to be.
Greedfall (Ps4) Review 1

Greedfall (PS4) Review

In the roughly 40 hours of its campaign, I was constantly surprised at the scope of everything Greedfall had to show me in its depiction of a fantastical new world story. It’s big and it’s messy, but Greedfall has an ambition to character and worldbuilding rivaling that of early entries into Bioware franchises. Not every […]
Catherine: Full Body (Ps4) Review 1

Catherine: Full Body (PS4) Review

Enough time has passed since I last played Catherine that I’m finding my own views of the game have shifted dramatically while playing its enhanced remake, Catherine: Full Body.
Life Is Strange 2, Episode  Four: “Faith” (Ps4) Review 1

Life is Strange 2, Episode Four: “Faith” (PS4) Review

Life is Strange 2’s stand out moments have always come when it let itself move beyond the series’ caricature of high school and occasional emotionally manipulative tendencies to deliver a supernatural twist on its very real depiction of the modern U.S. political climate.
Telling Lies (Ios) Review

Telling Lies (iOS) Review

I know based on a report the game gave me at the very end, I only saw about half of what Telling Lies had to show me. I think I’m okay with that.
Cadence Of Hyrule Review

Cadence of Hyrule Review

Cadence of Hyrule’s sense of rhythm plays into every time I’ve caught myself walking to the beat of a song I was listening to, all within the carefully constructed confines of the Legend of Zelda universe. There’s something inherently natural feeling about navigating its music-driven world to the beat of remixes of songs I’ve heard […]
Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Review 7

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Review

Mainline Persona games go to great lengths to establish the rules of their various supernatural worlds and the real world politics and philosophy that informs them. With Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, the ways in which the series bends and breaks its own rules in order to concoct a fanservice-driven experience is starting to grow […]
Life Is Strange 2, Episode Three: “Wastelands” Review

Life is Strange 2, Episode Three: “Wastelands” Review

Here at the third episode of Life is Strange 2, I feel like Sean Diaz and I are finally on the same page. By the time episode 3, Wastelands, begins, Sean and his telekinetic brother Daniel have been on the run for several months, which means every new episode has centred on new supporting cast […]
Sony Launching Playstation Productions To Create Tv Shows And Movies 1

Sony Launching PlayStation Productions to create TV Shows and Movies

Sony Interactive Entertainment has formed a new branch of the PlayStation brand to adapt its properties for TV shows and movies called PlayStation Productions.

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