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Psychonauts 2 Fans Grow Concerned With Exceedingly High Risk In Fig Investment Model 1

Psychonauts 2 Fans Grow Concerned With Exceedingly High Risk in Fig Investment Model

 |  Ana Valens
Earlier this year, Psychonauts 2 was revealed by Double Fine. Planned as a direct sequel to Tim Schafer’s cult classic, the studio decided to turn to Fig as a crowdfunding service for fans. Why? Through the service, fans could invest in the game. Now, though, Psychonauts 2 fans on both NeoGAF and Reddit are growing […]
Pixels &Amp; Ink #153 - Konami Trouble - 2015-05-01 13:38:46

Pixels & Ink #153 – Konami Trouble

 |  Melanie Emile
On this week’s Pixels & Ink podcast, Konami looks like its imploding, and unfortunately, it’s taking Silent Hill with it, so this podcast just turned into a wake. Canadian game prices are shooting up to $80 in some cases, so you’d better start tightening that wallet. And hey Broken Age got finished! And it’s an […]
Schafer Supports Molyneux, But Still No Excuse

Schafer Supports Molyneux, but Still No Excuse

 |  Kate Richards
In a video update announcing that episode two of Broken Age is “pretty much” in its beta stage, Double Fine head Tim Schafer expressed his sympathy and support for fellow developer Peter Molyneux. Molyneux has been known to express big ideas only to deliver products that don’t meet what many fans believe are grand promises. […]
Cgmpodcast Episode 93 - Eve Of Epic Battle

CGMPodcast Episode 93 – EVE of Epic Battle

 |  Wayne Santos
On this week’s CGM podcast, EVE Online has an epic battle that costs over $300, 000, Microsoft has a tremendous news leak, and Broken Age by Tim Schafer is out and everyone should play it.
The Top Ten Notable Gaming Kickstarters - 2013-04-29 18:43:32

The Top Ten Notable Gaming Kickstarters

 |  Raynika Awotwi
It’s been over a year since the widespread success of Double Fine’s Double Fine Adventure. Here’s how some of the other top Kickstarters have stacked up!
Stacking (Ps3) Review 1

Stacking (PS3) Review

 |  Eric Weiss
Just a few short months after the debut of Costume Quest, Double Fine has returned to the downloadable market with Stacking, and the results are just as spectacular. The new title is packed with quirky humor, clever gameplay, and tremendous art direction, and is yet more proof that good ideas are a better game foundation […]
Brütal Legend (Xbox 360) Review 2

Brütal Legend (XBOX 360) Review

 |  Brendan Frye
In Brütal Legend, the world of video-games and music collide. Recently released for the PlayStation Entertainment System and the XBOX 360, Brütal Legend is the latest game from Tim Schafer, creator of such famous titles as The Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. The question is does the world of rock and […]

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