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Pixels & Ink #241 - Cody Hates Nintendo

Pixels & Ink #241 – Cody Hates Nintendo

On this week’s episode of Pixels and Ink Cody doesn’t hate Nintendo, he’s just very disappointed in them. Phil talks about Power Rangers and Robocop,

Expeditions Viking Preview

Expeditions: Viking Preview

One of the absolute best aspects of cRPGs (an old school term for computer RPGs, dating back to the old BioWare and Obsidian days) is

We are the Dwarves (PC) Review 1

We are the Dwarves (PC) Review

Many years ago, I experienced The Lost Vikings for the first time, which cemented my love for Norse mythology mixed with sci-fi. Imagine my surprise

Vikings Season 2 (DVD) Review 4

Vikings Season 2 (DVD) Review

Season One of Vikings grabbed the attention of a lot of people, and created the potential for a great show. It introduced us to Ragnar,

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