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(Spoiler-Free) Watchmen Season 2 Unlikely, Despite First Season’s Reception.

(Spoiler-free) Watchmen Season 2 unlikely, Despite First Season’s Reception.

 |  Clement Goh
Following the ninth episode’s cliffhanger for HBO’s version of Watchmen, both the network and series creator/showrunner Damon Lindelof indicated they don’t have plans to create a second season soon.
Hbo’s Watchmen: What It All Meant 4

HBO’s Watchmen: What It All Meant

 |  Robert B. Marks
If you want to understand the themes of HBO’s Watchmen, the most important part of the show to watch is the ongoing saga of Adrian Veidt.
Watchmen Series Debuts October 20Th

Watchmen Series Debuts October 20th

 |  Liam Ferguson
The Watchmen television show adaptation finally makes its debut October 20th, and will be coming exclusively to HBO.
Nine-Inch Nails Will Compose Watchmen Tv Series

Nine Inch Nails Will Compose Watchmen TV Series

 |  Alex Handziuk
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, from the hit band Nine-Inch Nails, are joining HBO’s upcoming Watchmen TV series in a music composition role.
Hbo Announces Series Based On Watchmen, Due 2019

HBO Announces Series Based on Watchmen, Due 2019

 |  Zubi Khan
HBO’s first venture into the world of superheroes will debut with a new series based on the legendary DC Comics series, Watchmen.
Dc Set To Shed Light On Doomsday Clock Events For New York Comic Con

DC Set To Shed Light On Doomsday Clock Events For New York Comic Con

 |  Zubi Khan
DC recently announced that Geoff Johns, the chief creative director of the Doomsday Clock miniseries will be attending New York Comic Con.
Alan Moore To Retire From Comics, Criticizes Batman 1

Alan Moore To Retire From Comics, Criticizes Batman

 |  Ana Valens
V for Vendetta, Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The list goes on of Alan Moore’s classics as a comics writer. From superheroes to dystopian politics, Victorian aliens to Batman, Moore has always been one of the most important comics writers in the mainstream industry. But earlier this week, Alan Moore officially announced that he […]
Remembering The Great Cartoon Villains Of The Eighties 5

Remembering The Great Cartoon Villains of the Eighties

 |  Liana Kerzner
Remember Saturday mornings in the 1980s? For me they involved eating C-3PO cereal while sitting on shag carpet, too close to the old wood cabinet Quasar TV. The family cat hovered nearby, looking to steal the leftover milk. Saturday morning cartoons were the only things that overpowered the lure of the Atari or the Sega […]
Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life Of Alan Moore (Comic) Review 1

Magic Words: The Extraordinary Life Of Alan Moore (Comic) Review

 |  Phil Brown
Lance Parkin’s gorgeously designed Alan Moore biography comes with a rare treat in the world of Moore paraphernalia: not one, but two flippant/adoring quotes of approval from its subject. Granted that’s not particularly rare in the world of biographies, but in the world of Alan Moore it’s practically unheard of. This is an artist who […]
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Next-gen coverage galore in our latest issue

 |  Alex Coop
Changes are aplenty. The PlayStation 4 is out, and the Xbox One is on the verge of hitting shelves. The gaming industry is changing before our eyes, and so are we. Our latest issue covers everything you need to know heading into the next phase of gaming, and also marks the debut of our new […]

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