(Spoiler-free) Watchmen Season 2 unlikely, Despite First Season’s Reception.

| January 22, 2020
(Spoiler-free) Watchmen Season 2 unlikely, Despite First Season’s Reception. 2

Following the ninth episode’s cliffhanger for HBO’s version of Watchmen, both the network and series creator/showrunner Damon Lindelof indicated they don’t have plans to create a second season soon.

In an interview with USA Today, Lindelof said he was able to tell a story he wanted and gave HBO permission to continue the acclaimed series with other producers.

But the network is also hesitant to move on without Lindelof, and programming chief Casey Bloys credited him for “brilliantly” making a new world based on DC’s 1986 comic book series.

Bloys also told USA Today that he was “Most interested in what Damon wants to do,” while leaving some opportunities for him to continue Fargo or True Detective.

The series uses the original events of Watchmen to create what Lindelof stated was a “canon” standalone narrative set in Tulsa, Oklahoma 30 years later. 

Season one took the opportunity to reflect on the impact left by past characters while expanding on some arcs.

Like the 12-issue comic series, he also wanted the show’s first season to wrap itself up be the last episode.

Fans were also left thinking online after Bloys shared an article by Decider on Watchmen season 2 still being open in the future.

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