Night In The Woods Depicts Life After College In A Strange Way 1

Night In The Woods is a new game by Alec Holowka and Scott Benson, and it is unlike any game you’ve ever played.

The title, currently being funded on Kickstarter,  is set in a town filled with anthropomorphic animals. Players control Mae, a cat who has recently dropped out of college and come home. The game is said to be “story-focused”, and involves Mae’s interaction with some of her close friends, including an alligator and a bear.

This game seems to touch on a lot of adult themes, including apathy and finding purpose in living. Much of the gameplay involves talking to friends, breaking things, and using a feature called “astral projection” which apparently allows you to explore certain parts of the town.

Holowka is known for his previous work with the game Towerfall, which was released as an exclusive for the Ouya.

The game has currently funded $39,000 for a goal of $50,000. The title still has 29 days to go, so it will most likely be funded. It is set to release on PC and Mac in January 2015.