PlayStation Looks to Beef up PS+

PlayStation Looks to Beef up PS+

NeoGAF user Paganmoon, a participant in the PS4 3.50 firmware beta, received an email survey asking about potential features for PS+.

It looks like Sony is exploring new ideas to better serve PS+ customers, the suggestions Paganmoon received are listed below.

  • Discounts on PS hardware and accessories, such as controllers and headsets
  • Monthly PS+ contests with prizes
  • PS+ knowledgebase, forums for PS+ users
  • Discounts on Sony products, such as TVs and cameras
  • Discounts on lifestyle products, such as newspaper subscriptions, movie tickets, fast food, etc.
  • PS+ gaming tournaments with prizes.
  • Free movies every month.
  • Discounts on popular streaming services, such as Netflix and Spotify

While this was only an email survey and doesn’t confirm anything, it’s really neat to see Sony branching out and looking for ways to better its services.

Thanks to Paganmoon for sharing.

  • Jamie

    Here's a radical idea.....How about some decent games??? No more 8 bit indie garbage that nobody wants. I won't be renewing my subscription in September, charging loyal customers for this joke of a service is criminal. And one more tip for psn store, stop charging £7.99 for old ps2 games that wouldn't fetch 50p on a car boot sale