Gumi Inc. and SNK Collaboration Round Two

Brave Frontier and The King of Fighters are collaborating once again for an epic battle with new characters and new events.

This second collaboration between the new mobile game Brave Frontier and retro arcade game The King of Fighters has now added new heroes to the roster. The new heroes are;  Leona  the Silent Soldier of the Ikari mercenary group, Terry Bogard, Iori Yagami, Benimaru Nikaido, Athena Asamiya, Mai Shiranui, and Kula Diamond. The Omni Evolutions of Kula, Mai, Athena, Benimaru will be unlocked and all seven of the fan favourite characters will be available for your team.

The Brave Frontier and The King of Fighters collaboration will also feature three new events.

The Rerun of the Challenging Dungeon “Scarlet Abyss Tournament” where players will have to battle their way to the top of the “Scarlet Abyss Tournament” by facing off against the strongest fighters.

The “Fighter’s Challenge” Dungeon where players will have elemental-focused missions and duels with characters like Mai, Benimaru, Kula, Terry, Athena, Iori, or Kyo. Players who survive the assault will be able to face Leona and acquire Orochi’s Seals and Elemental Essences to craft powerful Spheres.

And the Login and Milestone Campaigns where players can log in daily and get 15 days of rewards including a Summoning Ticket and eight Gems. Players can also contribute to the campaign by getting as many clears as possible from the “Fighter’s Challenge” dungeon and snag Kyo Kusanagi as a reward. Players will also get a Summon Ticket, Legend Stones, Imps and Frogs as bonuses.

The limited time Brave Frontier and The King of Fighters collaboration will be from Feb. 23, 2017 to March. 15, 2017. So if any fans want to get in on the action and fun, they had better hurry and snag their rewards. Brave Frontier and The King of Fighters first collaborated in the Summer of 2016.