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Motion Twin set to release action-packed Dead Cells to Steam Early Access 1

Motion Twin Set to Release “RogueVania” Dead Cells to Steam Early Access

The Metroidvania formula is one many of us are quite familiar with, but the people from Motion Twin are set to add another genre to the mix; Rogue-lites.Dead Cells will be...
Chasm Preview - Cavernous Depths - 2015-06-29 15:51:26

Chasm Preview – Cavernous Depths

For a lot of people, Chasm is a bit of a dream game in terms of the genre mashups it’s boasting. Looking at the Kickstarter campaign page drops names like Metroid,...
The Tale of Buck a Kickstarter About a Dog 1

The Tale of Buck a Kickstarter About a Dog

Ever since game designer Gal Kfir got his dog Buck 17 years ago, he knew he wanted to make a videogame about his canine.  Kfir always  wanted to be a game...

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Shudder Exclusive: Kuso (Movie) Review

Shudder Exclusive: Kuso (Movie) Review: Insane, Disgusting,Unsettling

Sometimes it’s not possible to string together enough ‘WTFs to describe a single movie. Since Sundance, Kuso has been described as “the most disgusting...