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The Castle Game (PS4) Review 3

The Castle Game (PS4) Review

The Castle Game is an enjoyable, cordial, and charming single-player strategy tower defense game. No, it won’t wow you with any new mechanics or...
Nom Nom Galaxy (PC) Review 4

Nom Nom Galaxy (PC) Review

The first thing you’ll probably notice upon starting up Q-Games’ Nom Nom Galaxy is that it boasts a brilliant soundtrack. The menu music is...
Nom Nom Galaxy (PS4) Review 13

Nom Nom Galaxy (PS4) Review

Q-Games has been delighting gamers for years now with their Pixel Junk line, which has mostly taken traditional genres and given them new life...
LOUD on Planet X Brings the Indie Music Scene to Gamers - 2015-05-12 15:47:41

LOUD on Planet X Brings the Indie Music Scene to Gamers

LOUD on Planet X, is an arcade style music rhythm game that combines elements of Rock Band, and Plants vs. Zombies into an exciting,...
Deathtrap (PC) Review 3

Deathtrap (PC) Review

A Surprising HybridNeocore is not a huge or particularly well known studio, based out of Hungary and cranking out smaller PC games such as...
Dungeon Defenders II Preview - 48895

Dungeon Defenders II Preview

Early Access games is a strange concept for games. You can't really evaluate them with the same level as finished products, since they never...
Anomaly 2 (PS4) Review 2

Anomaly 2 (PS4) Review

11 Bit Studios is one of those developers that has been producing impressive and diverse games for a while now, but has yet to...