New Case Closed Game Announced For 3DS

New Case Closed Game Announced For 3DS
| Jan 15, 2014

The franchise that just keeps going, is coming again. Detective Conan: Phantom Rhapsody is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan this April.

Based on the mega-popular Case Closed, this is the second game in the series to come to 3DS, following Marionette Symphony.

Phantom Rhapsody includes a zapping feature which lets players see the tale from the view of Conan and his competitor Harley Hartwell.

For the unaware, Case Closed is about a high school student named Jimmy Kudo, who becomes a detective. He ends up taking on the name Conan, and gets wrapped up in many mysteries. The manga, as well as the anime, have become hugely popular in Japan.

Right now there is no release scheduled for North America.