Battlelog Leak Reveals New Battlefield Name

Battlelog Leak Reveals New Battlefield Name
| May 27, 2014

Battlefield’s new name, items, classes and a lot more have been leaked today through a Battlelog update.  The information that came out of that update reveals quite a bit about the direction of the game.

It will be titled Battlefield Hardline and it will have some new modes. There ‘s a Blood Money mode and a Heist Mode. So it looks like there will be a cop and robber type gameplay here. This idea is supported by the SWAT and Thieves badges found, and this tweet by Battlefield Daily.

The weapon selection is a little different as well. There are some guns that are familiar to the series like the AK. But now there will be a baseball bat, Taser and riot shield.  As for vehicles, there will be helicopters, cars, and motorcycles, what looks like a scooter, vans, and an assortment of police vehicles.

That’s what the new Battlefield is shaping up to be. Do you like this direction for the series? Let us know in the comment section.