Dontnod Unlease First Vampyr Screens

  • Brendan Frye | 
    Feb 29, 2016
Dontnod Unlease First Vampyr Screens

Dontnod Entertainment has been an exciting studio to follow. With Remember Me, they gave players a taste of what they could do with the story, and with Life if Strange they expanded that concept into an engrossing story that captured players to the very end. Now they are moving their attention to a dark, and gritty vampire experience, and so far it is looking impressive.

Vampyr takes players to a 20th Century Britan as the nation grapples with the Spanish flu ripping through the population. It is a dangerous city, where anyone foolish enough to roam the streets at night may be prey to the countries more secretive predators, the vampires.

Dontnod Unlease First Vampyr Screens 1
Dontnod Unlease First Vampyr Screens 2
Dontnod Unlease First Vampyr Screens 3

Today Dontnod Entertainment give us a taste of what this dark 20th century Britain will look like, and it is just as foreboding as you would hope. Realising in 2017, there is still a while before we can sink our teeth into the experience, but hopefully these screenshots give enough of a taste to set aside your hunger for more, at least for a little while. Vampyr will be launching on the PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2017, stay tuned to CGMagazine for more details about the game as they are released.

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