Umbrella Corps Adds New Game Type

Umbrella Corps Adds New Game-Type
| Mar 1, 2016

Capcom has released details about the plethora of new gameplay modes that will come in their new multiplayer only shooter, Umbrella Corps.

Accompanying the “One Life Match” game-type will be the new “Multi-Mission Mode.” In a randomized selection from 8 game types, players will face off against each other in a best of 5 matches. Each mode still runs for only three minutes, which is to keep the game fast-paced as you battle for victory.

The new modes Include:

  • Target Hunter – One player on each team becomes the target, only killing them will reward you with points
  • Respawn Match – As the name implies, you’re allowed to respawn in this game-type
  • Domination – Capture the highlighted area to earn points and defend against the other team
  • DNA Hunter – Kill the zombies to collect fallen DNA samples
  • SP DNA Hunter – Takedown the special mutated zombies and collect their DNA samples, these monsters are immune to the Zombie Jammers and are way harder to kill
  • Collector – 5 briefcases litter the stage, the first team to collect all five win
  • Protector – Find and hold onto the briefcase for as long as possible while fighting off the enemy team
  • Collar War – Players drop their battle collars when killed, collect your enemy’s collar for points, and collect your allies’ to prevent the enemy team from getting their hands on them

You can check out the trailer here to see these modes in action, and you can look forward to May when the game launches for Windows and the PS4.